economic Information

Contribute to the knowledge of markets and sectors

To fulfill its mission of market knowledge and contribute to its mission of enhancing the economic efficiency of networks, FranceAgrimer collects economic data are processed and analyzed to disseminate useful information to public authorities and professional sector operators of the Agriculture and pêche.

Monitor the situation and marchés

FranceAgrimer provides continuous monitoring of economic markets and operators of agricultural and fisheries sectors, in order to provide an economic baseline information. The institution regularly disseminates quotations, notes of conditions, statistical tables, analyzes économiques.

In case of economic crisis, FranceAgrimer issues alerts that enable better responsiveness parts concernées.

General economic and sectoral observatories (observatory biomass observatory food industries, etc..) Are also controlled by the institution.

Economic analysis oriented stratégique

FranceAgrimer is an independent actor in direct contact with professionals and government, with which it sets an annual program of studies and analyzes, such as international competitive intelligence and competitive analysis, which aim to illuminate the future of the sectors and to promote inter-professional debate. The results are discussed in the specialized Councils of the institution. They are also presented at conferences or trade shows and broadcast on presse.

Monitoring the formation of prices and marges

Monitoring the formation of prices and margins for food products (OFPM) is an advisory body to the Minister of Food and Minister for Consumer Affairs. Its mission is to inform economic operators and public authorities on the formation of prices and margins in the supply chain of products of agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture.

FranceAgrimer provides secretarial and essential work of the observatory which produces an annual report to Parliament. The Observatory is chaired by Philippe Chalmin, professor of economic history, specializing in commodity markets.